9th of June 2014
Read the latest update on Reuben Zulu by clicking here.

9th of January 2013
Read the latest update on Daka Wanjole by clicking here.

31st of December 2012
Great news for Konkhomolo. His loan has been funded on the last day of 2012 and he will be able to start up business soon! Click here to read more about his project.

30th of September 2012
The team of colour Marketing Akzo Nobel have made a contribution to Life Invest Foundation as a farewell gift to one of their colleagues. This donation ensures that 2 projects (Mweenga tailoring and Betha's saloon) will be funded very soon. Click here to learn more about these projects.

8th of September 2012
Full steam ahead!: Read the latest news about Eden Shoe project.

2nd of July 2012
Many thanks to the charity fund of the ING employees which has made a generous donation of 1000 euros for the second year in a row. This will bring Zerks Mwale of Afatec one step closer to getting his loan. Please read more about this project by clicking here.

18th of June 2012
Please click here for the latest news about Boniface Muya. Life Invest Foundation empathizes with the challenges faced by its talented entrepreneurs and tries to come up with a custom made plan for each participant.

3rd of June 2012
Read more about one of the success stories of Life Invest Foundation, a good example of how we strive to alleviate extreme poverty in Mfuwe, Zambia.

28th of May 2012
To help our loan recipients share their experiences and improve knowledge a meeting is organized once a month. Our Zambian director Mr Jailous Mchenga tackles a different topic each time to equip our entrepreneurs with insights to deal with challenges and improve their business. Participants have a chance to learn from each other by sharing their experiences and challenges. The third meeting was held on the 23rd of May 2012 and was also attended by Jasper and Suba Lugtenburg, the board members from the Netherlands. The new system of loan repayment was discussed during this meeting and was welcomed by all the participants. This system of direct debit is implemented in close cooperation with the Zanaco Bank. The loan recipients are exempted from this agreement during the rainy season (january till march) when the economy comes to a halt in Mfuwe. This news was also well received. We can look back on a very fruitful meeting and hope to be able to provide new loans in the near future.

23rd of April 2012
We are happy to inform you that we have been able to sponsor yet another brilliant young lady with her secondary education thanks to our generous donors. Please click here to read further.

7th of April 2012
We have managed to raise an amount of € 134,65 with the the two stands at the fleamarket in Hellevoetsluis by selling goods donated by the members of the  Evangelical church Agape, our family and friends.  Bertha Banda is one step closer to realizing her dream. Who is willing to help to fund the rest of the loan? Please click on the following link to donate online.

31st of March 2012
Geoffrey Njombolo gave us a tour through his former workshop and showed us a prototype of the 'Sandal-shoe' that he will be producing with his new juki-machine. He bought this machine with the loan that he got from Life Invest Foundation. We have uploaded a photo of this machine as you can see on the left!. You can watch the movie by clicking here. 

5th of March 2012
Jailous Mchenga gave an interview on Breeze FM to gain more publicity for the activities of Life Invest Foundation in Mambwe district and to encourage (potential) entrepreneurs to bring their business plans. You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.

24th of February 2012
Joel Ngumayo's new photocopier arrived! Please have a look on the page of Complex Computers.

14th of February 2012
Esther Nkhoma is proving to be a real entrepreuneur. We have an update on the progress she is making. More about this under ongoing projects.

6th of February 2012
Did you know that we also sponsor schoolkids? Though this is not the primary focus of our foundation there are many brilliant children in Mfuwe who are unable to follow-up on secondary and tertiary education due to lack of funds. Sponsorship is on special request only and requires a long term commitment from the donor. Please read more under current sponsorships.

29th of January 2012
Our new flyer-stand and donation-box made by Konkhomolo are ready for use!

20th of January 2012
Just arrived from a fruitful working holiday in Mfuwe. We have provided loans to Joel Ngumayo (CC computers) and Daka Wanjole (welding center). Many thanks to our donors. Futhermore, we are happy to report that  the loan repayment of Esther, Boniface and Doreen has enabled us to fund a loan to Edesi Njobvu. Please read more under ongoing projects.

28th of December 2011
Our first set of flyers is ready to be taken to Mfuwe to be distributed at the various lodges.

7th of September 2011
We have a fanpage on Facebook. Please join in to keep updated with the latest news. You need to be a member of Facebook to join in!

31st of August 2011
Many thanks to our donors!!! The loan of Mr Njombolo is fully funded. One more talented Zambian and his extended family is going to be empowered by this project!

8th of August 2011
We have just arrived from a working holiday in Mfuwe. It has been very motivating and encouraging. The first 2 loan recipients; Boniface and Esther are doing very well and have already started with repayment of their loans. We are happy to report that a 3rd loan has been funded during our stay to Mrs Doreen Makanjilla. What a blessing to see all the happy faces. Please read more under ongoing projects.

The details of Life Invest Foundation ltd  (Zambia) has been added to our contact page. This is to simplify matters for our Zambian donors so that donations kan be made directly to the Zambian bank account. It is best for other foreign donors to donate directly to our Dutch bank account so that the transaction can be made as soon as a project is fully funded in order to minimize costs!.

1st of August 2011
Today we heard the sad news that one of our potential loanrecipients, Josephine has passed away at the tender age of 30years after being hospitalized for 3 weeks. She leaves 4 children and a husband behind. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to her relatives, close friends and colleagues of the Malambo Business association.

31st of July 2011
The directors of Life Invest Foundation have expanded their footwear collection with the real "Njommies". Designed and handcrafted by Mr Njombolo (Eden Shoe project).

11th of May 2011
The Dutch version of the website is also available via or by clicking the Dutch flag on the English website.

9th of April 2011
Hurray!!! The website is online as of today! Thanks to Cipix for sponsoring the website.

8th of March 2011
The loans of Boniface Muya and Esther Nhkoma are transferred. Read more under ongoing projects.

11th of February 2011
Fons van Rijn volunteers his professional skills to set up the system for bookkeeping.

2nd of February 2011
Stichting Life Invest foundation receives ANBI-status in The Netherlands from the 21st of December 2010. From now on donations are tax deductible under certain conditions as specified  by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

13th of January 2011
Meeting with Zanaco Mfuwe Branch manager, mr. Mukoba, to advise us about opening a bank-account for Life Invest Foundation in Zambia.

10th of January 2011
Moonga Hamufuba receives a sponsorship for attending a 2 year certified midwife training at the Chipata school of midwifery. His training starts the 17th of January.

10th of January 2011
Life Invest Foundation is registered in Zambia with our local director mr. Mchenga (JJ) on board !

7th of January 2011
Meeting with honourable Chief Mhkanya. He is very pleased and honoured that we are starting our activities in his Chiefdom.

31st of December 2010 
We didn’t expect this many proposals on arrival in Mfuwe. Really overwhelming… approximately 60 proposals on arrival and during our stay another 20 come in ! It underlines the need in the community.

25th of December 2010
Bas van Meurs volunteers his professional skills to help in building the website.

21st  of December 2010
Stichting Life Invest Foundation is officially registered in The Netherlands !